Of all the scale railroading I've done, perhaps the least amount of time was dedicated to G-Scale, maybe a year and a half total. But the good part was having the opportunity to work with one of the masters... Malcolm Furlow. He had just begun his foray into LGB and was setting up a layout building business when we met in early 1986. During the next year Malcolm contracted two layouts for LGB, model RC car displays for Nikko, Toy displays for Playmobile and a series of articles for Model Railroader about a bedroom layout called the Carbondale Central. It was a busy time but short lived. I got terminated after a dispute with his business partner and Malcolm closed the business a few months later to pursue his love of southwestern art.

Three years passed and he called about doing a layout for Children's Medical Center in Dallas. (see Model Railroader Feb 92 for the full story) As project director, I had an awesome task... turning Furlow's "hallucinations" into a functioning entity on a grand scale. It was a great experience working for a talented and generous guy like Malcolm. Most of the pictures on this page illustrate the G-scale modeling during the time I worked with him.

Childrens Medical Center:

The main aisle featured three levels of continuous running trains. (center) Malcolm hand-carved these stone shapes from huge blocks of foam. (right) A wonder to behold! Felder Fitzgerald, Malcolm's close friend, built this amazing 270 degree trestle, stick by stick, The railhead is 108" from the floor.

Having visited Dallas last summer, I decided to take some new photos of the layout at CMC. After 15 years, the layout still appears fresh and clean and the children still marvel at the trains racing around on all levels.

Aisle through layout from lobby to hospital

Forced perspective: HO mine against mountain. 8 feet from viewer

Detail of a town scene in Canyon

Trains cross over and under natural bridge

Panoramic view from second floor observation windows

Double LGB truss bridges, 9 feet above floor

Furlow Studios:

One of the first layout/displays built by Furlow Studios was this 5x8 loop for LGB . It featured several buildings I designed for "Laredo Line". The finished display was delivered to the F.A.O. Schwarz toy store in New York.

Nuremburg Layout:

We built another layout for LGB that was shipped by cargo plane to the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 1987. At 16x8x6h, This massive display featured Laredo buildings and hand hewn urethane foam rockwork.

Laredo Line:

This design for a gas station/rooming house became a resin kit in 1986 for Furlow's "Laredo Line" series. It was difficult to put together but Malcolm's photography made it look good. I imagine it's pretty valuable as a collectors item by now.

Other Works:

This little bank was an offshoot of another kit, I designed, a large 2 story hardware store. but I'm not sure if any kits were ever produced. This was my favorite. With a few carved plaster walls, I came up with this little depot, Malcolm called "Soda Springs". I did all the masters, molds and even instruction but I don't know if it ever went into production. One of my first G projects was this Mack railtruck kitbash. I showed it to Malcolm and he included it in a few shots. It can be seen to this day in MR's handout publication," Introduction to Model Railroading".

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